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Using Intro Maker you can create visually stunning logo animations, even the most boring logos will look professional and make a big impact in your viewers.

You can use Intro Maker videos at the beginning or end of a video or between scenes to generate a possitive impact and repeatedly implant your logo in your viewer's minds.

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What is Intro Maker?

Intro Maker is an online video maker app or tool to make video intros with your own images or logos for Youtube, Facebook, presentations and more.

Lots of motion graphics templates to choose from, all styles of motion graphics and 3D intros, flat, whiteboard animations, hand-drawn animations, particles, explosions, corporate clean intros, news videos, shatters, space and multi-purpose animations.

No knowledge is required with Intro Maker, our 3 steps process is fast and easy.

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How does Intro Maker works?

Intro Maker is a fully automated website, you can make a video in 3 easy and fast steps, no sign up/login required.

Choose a template. There are a lot of intro templates to choose from.

Then, upload your image. Images can be JPG or ideally PNG to preserve transparecy which will make your logo look better.

Finally customize the background and effects colors of the intro. Fit the animation colors with your logo colors to ensure your video intro will look professional.

Make a free video preview online or pay for a better quality full hd 1080p video.

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Free Intro Maker

Intro Maker offers free video intros with customized colors in 360p resolution (640x360px). You can just use the free video maker or use it as a preview to order a 1080p (1920x1080px) full HD video intro for only 10usd, no subscription required, you only pay per video you make.

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How long does it takes?

The delivery time may vary from one animation to another, try our free video maker and discover the power of our render farm servers, it takes just a couple of minutes to receive your video intro.

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Logo Animation

With intro maker you can make top quality logo animations online. Our system is prepared to make every logo look amazing by adjusting the size of the logo and applying effects on your logo to make it blend perfectly with the animations itself.

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Color Customization

Now you can customize colors, it's really easy, you can use the premade color palettes we offer or choose different colors for each specific effect on the animation, this way your logo animation will always look great.

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Premium Quality

All templates go through a review process to guarantee premium quality.

If your video does not look professional you can contact our support department and we will help you improve it whenever possible, satisfaction guaranteed, we love to impress our clients with visually stunning animations.

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Fully Compatible

All platforms and operating systems are compatible with Intro Maker. Make video intros online from your smartphone, tablet or computer, no matter if you're using Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS or Android.

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We offer professional full HD 1080p logo animations for only $10 (USD), you can get an amazing intro logo animation for an unbeatable price. Plus, we take care of manual adjustments if needed, you will always be happy with our service.

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You can use Intro Maker as a tool to make money. Have you thought in selling something on the web but can't fint a really nice product and price?

This videos are usually charged hundreds of dollars, this are advanced motion graphic templates that you can offer to your clients.

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Youtube Monetization

You can use Intro Maker safely with Youtube Monetization. Once you make a video you can use it in several videos. We would appreciate if you mention us in the description.

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Facebook Ads

Why use a static boring Facebook image when you can use an awesome video animation made with Intro Maker? Our videos are safe to use in Facebook.

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Take your business to the next nevel with Intro Maker

Quality Control

We prevent all templates to perform the best with your logo.

Fast Rendering

It takes less time than making a coffe. Lightning render speed.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Not as good as expected? Please contact us, we will take care of details.

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Need support? You can chat with us anytime.

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