Frequently Asked Questions

What is IntroMaker.NET?

IntroMaker.NET is an online system that allows you to create video intros, animating your own logo.
What are you waiting for? Choose yours here.

How can I make a video intro?

You can see the video that explains how our system works in the home page here.

How long does it take to receive the video?

Usually takes between 30 minutes and 24hs, it may vary.

Are there any free videos?

Yes, there are a few free (NOT HD for free) videos in the catalog, here, sometimes free videos are disabled due to the servers overload since they prioritize paid videos.

What format and resolution will I receive the video?

You will receive your videos in .MOV, Quicktime Movie format developed by Apple.
Compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, Youtube, Vimeo, and 99% of the video apps in the world.
Resolution is FULL HD 1920x1080px, stunning quality.

Will the paid videos come with the "IntroMaker.NET" watermark?

NO, only free videos comes with watermark, paid videos are watermark free.

Do you create videos from scratch?

Of course we do, you can just send us a message with your needs here.

My logo looks fuzzy in the preview, why is that?

Our system will resize your logo to 1000x500px and show you how it looks, if you want to avoid the resizing please upload your logo in 1000x500px, if you want to make sure your logo will not lose quality please upload your logo in 1000x500px or bigger.

What image formats are allowed?

Our system works only with .jpg and .png files, we STRONGLY recommend to use a .png image with transparent background.